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The Hammond Law Group, PLLC is an expanding national tax practice focused on the legal and financial interests of our individuals and business clients. Our thorough understanding of complex tax law and comprehensive knowledge of tax implications for individuals and small businesses allows us to provide the highest quality legal guidance and advocacy to yield successful results at a nationwide level.

Our services range from IRS and criminal tax issues such as tax liens, levies, audits, account seizures, wage garnishments, criminal tax investigations, civil and criminal forfeiture proceedings, tax appeals, Offers in Compromise, IRS trust fund taxes, tax penalty and interest abatements, US Tax Court litigation, US District Court tax charges, to state and federal tax return preparation. Our clients include individuals and all business formations including LLCs, partnerships, sole proprietors, and C-Corps.

With our proactive initiative, you can protect your rights and minimize tax obligations. Contact our IRS tax attorney for an immediate consultation or case evaluation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in asserting the rights of our clients against the IRS. We will take a comprehensive approach, reviewing your rights and options to develop an optimal and successful resolution of your case. Whether your business is being audited or you want to take action to protect your rights against an IRS tax claim, our firm has the strategy, experience, and skills to effectively assert your rights against the IRS. We take a proactive approach to find tax relief solutions.

Our attorneys and accountants will take an aggressive approach to prevent criminal liability, challenge tax penalties, and reduce tax obligations. Contact us today for more information regarding:  

  • Criminal Tax Investigations: tax audits, tax fraud, tax evasion, failure to pay taxes, failure to file taxes, hidden offshore bank accounts and/or unreported income and the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative.
  • Penalties: We are experienced in handling cases involving IRS penalties and interests and can effectively defend your rights and tax positions in cases involving tax penalty abatement and tax appeals. We are experienced in preventing and challenging tax levies, liens & seizures.
  • Payment plans: offers in compromise, IRS tax settlements, IRS payment plans
  • Tax Preparers and Fiduciary Responsibility: tax preparer issues, Circular 230, standards of accuracy

Do not wait until the IRS wages an investigation in your case. Our attorneys will take a proactive approach to resolve your tax dispute.

Free consultation to immediately address your tax problem

At your free consultation, if necessary, you will speak directly with our primary attorney. We will take the time to understand your unique needs and concerns and explore all of your rights, obligations, and options in proceeding with a tax claim defense. You can feel confident and comfortable in explaining the circumstances and facts of your case, without any fear that the information we receive will be used against you or subpoenaed by the IRS. Unlike your conversations with a CPA or your financial advisor, the attorney-client privilege will secure your privacy in the review of your case.

Contact The Hammond Law Group, PLLC to schedule a free consultation at our Houston, Texas office. Our lawyers and accountants offer strategic advocacy in tax law cases to protect the rights of our individual and business clients. Se habla español.