IRS Penalties Attorneys in Houston

Receiving Penalties for Unpaid Taxes

It’s that simple – you fail to pay your taxes, you’re going to be penalized. It’s the law. But what’s not easy to understand is the various penalties the IRS can impose on you. But with the help of the right tax attorney, some of these penalties can be lifted through compromise.

If you being penalized by the IRS for unpaid taxes, don’t ignore the issue. It’s just going to get worse. Instead, contact the Houston IRS penalties attorneys at Pro Tax Counsel today for a free consultation.

The Difficulty of Removing a Penalty

Penalties can be removed by the IRS but it has to be under certain guidelines. These guidelines are pretty strict, which is why it’s best to have an experienced tax attorney fighting for your behalf.

There are four categories that your claim must fall under in order to receive relief from penalties:

  • Reasonable cause – For instance, you were seriously ill and unable to file your taxes in time.
  • Statutory exceptions – An example of this is you were giving orders by the president to be shipped overseas to fight in the military.
  • Administrative waivers – This is usually by the IRS who decides to waive penalties for a certain policy.
  • Correction of IRS error – If the IRS made a mistake, then it will correct it by relieving you of the penalty.

If you received a penalty from the IRS and believe you have just cause to fight it, don’t do it alone. Instead, contact 1-844-452-41-65 the IRS penalties attorneys at Pro Tax Counsel today for a free consultation.