Criminal tax investigation

When You Are Under Criminal Tax Investigation

Did you receive a notification from the IRS’ Criminal Investigations? The CI unit of the IRS is its law enforcement division. Its purpose is to investigate possible criminal tax violations. With approximately 3,500 employees worldwide, CI special agents most follow strict procedures before initiating an investigation and recommending prosecution. So if you are under investigation, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Now is the time to hire an experienced IRS tax lawyer who will protect you from any further investigations. Our Houston criminal tax investigation attorneys will work with the IRS to find out why you are being investigated and if there is a way settle the matter before it gets out of hand. If it goes to the courtroom, we will provide aggressive representation on your behalf. Contact Pro Tax Counsel now for a free consultation.

When You are a Target of an Investigation

The IRS would not be investigating you unless it had a good reason. Chances are a red flag had come up during an audit. By the time you are notified of the investigation,

the CID had already received your bank records and began looking back at your previous years’ tax returns. Agents will be speaking to your accountant who will be forced to tell them anything that you have shared with him/her. Criminal tax charges can lead to jail time, heavy fines along with penalties such as failing to file a tax return or hiding tax assets.

If an IRS agent tries to contact you, do not talk to them. Anything you say could be used against you later. Instead, contact 1-844-452-41-65 Pro Tax Counsel as soon as possible and we will protect your rights against the IRS.