Facing any type of criminal matter can be a scary experience, especially if it deals with your finances. The criminal tax lawyers at Pro Tax Counsel understands your apprehension and is prepared to fight on your behalf. We offer a proactive approach to your case in an effort to help you solve your tax issues. In addition to guiding you through the legal process, our Houston criminal tax attorneys will provide you with a reasonable solution, such as a payment plan you can easily work or be able to reduce the penalties the IRS had issued against you.

Common IRS Penalties You Will Face

If you owe back taxes, you are probably concerned about what type of punishment you will receive from the IRS. While there are many different tax penalties you could be facing, some of the most common penalties include:

  • IRS penalties and interest: Interest that accrues on unpaid taxes can only be waived in very limited situations. Chances are, you will have to pay the interest on your back taxes. However, any penalties you may have against you can be decreased or even eliminated if there is a reasonable cause basis for your failing to comply with the tax law.
  • Tax levies, liens, and seizures: If you have been threatened with a lien, levy or seizure, contact our Houston tax attorneys right away to make sure your rights are protected under the tax law. If you already have lien on your property or had property seized, it’s not too late to have the situation resolved. All you need is our experienced criminal tax lawyers by your side.
  • Criminal tax investigation: If you are being investigated by the IRS’ Criminal Investigations Division, it is essential that you contact Pro Tax Counsel immediately. You need a strong advocate by your side to help counter any allegations the CID have against you.
  • Tax fraud: This is a serious charge that involves intentional deceit in order to defraud the government of tax revenue. We can provide you with counsel and representation if you are facing charges for tax fraud.

Whatever you may be facing, our Houston criminal tax attorneys are committed to providing you with the representation you need when you are facing criminal tax charges.

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