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If you owe the Internal Revenue Service back taxes due to a mistake in filing or because you haven’t filed a returned, it’s in your best interest to approach them in order to settle your case before they audit you. Currently, the IRS employs roughly 3,000 agents in its Criminal Investigations Division. These agents have a number of resources available to them to track down and identify people and companies that owe the IRS money.

While each case is different, the IRS is usually willing to forego criminal charges in cases where a person steps forward to admit they owe the IRS money. In cases where fraud is involved, settling with the IRS may be more difficult.

At Pro Tax Counsel our Houston-based tax lawyers practice almost exclusively in the area of tax law. We have counseled and represented hundreds of individuals and companies in tax settlements with the IRS. We understand how to approach the IRS and work with them to avoid unwanted legal and financial complications.

If you owe the IRS money or are currently under investigation for back taxes, contact Texas and Washington tax settlement lawyers at our firm today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case.

What the IRS Will Consider When Settling Taxes Owed

In settling back owed taxes, the IRS will consider the following:

  • A person’s (or company’s) assets
  • Earning potential
  • Value of any held property
  • Reason for owing back taxes
  • Accountant error
  • Mental illness
  • Physical illness

Settling Back Taxes

In settling your tax debt with the IRS, cooperation, documentation, and a willingness to step forward are key. While it’s reasonable to expect that some kind of penalty will be assessed, how your case is presented is essential to avoiding heavy fines or criminal charges. While there are no guarantees, a willingness to cooperate with the IRS can reduce the likelihood of additional criminal charges and heavy fines. Our attorneys have years of experience in helping clients settle tax debt with the IRS.

Keep in mind that the IRS would prefer not to have to expend resources in tracking down people who owe taxes. Additionally, what the IRS is primarily interested in is collecting taxes owed to the government. By approaching the IRS voluntarily, you help them conserve resources and collect taxes owed. As a result, they are often willing to forego certain kinds of penalties.

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