Tax fraud

Tax Fraud Attorneys Based in Houston

Tax fraud is a serious crime. If during an audit, the IRS discovers that you had committed tax fraud, the consequences are quite severe. You could receive a civil tax fraud penalty equal to 75 percent of the tax owed, plus interest. In addition, the IRS’ Criminal Investigation Division could get involved and start investigating you for criminal tax prosecution. This is a problem that you can’t ignore or won’t go away on its own. If you are accused of tax fraud by the IRS, contact Houston tax fraud defense attorneys at Pro Tax Counsel right away.

The Penalties of Tax Fraud

If you are charged with any type of tax crime, such as false tax returns, tax evasion, or failure to pay taxes, the penalties are high. They can range from five years in prison, up to $500,000 in fines, and include any court costs. And this is just for one tax crime. You could be accused of several once the IRS Criminal Investigation Division is done with its investigation. And let’s not forget any tax fraud penalties you will have to pay the IRS.

What If It Was a Mistake?

Generally when the IRS suspects you of tax fraud, it has found certain factors that set off a red flag. Some of these factors include:

  • Inadequate records
  • A failure to file your tax returns
  • Concealment of assets
  • Failure to make tax payments
  • Engaging in illegal activities

Chances are if you aren’t doing any of these activities, you are not under investigation. However, if you are being audited it’s still wise to hire a tax fraud defense attorney in case something occurs. Remember, you have confidentiality with a lawyer that you would not have an accountant. Don’t wait much longer. Contact 1-844-452-41-65 the Pro Tax Counsel for a free consultation.

Criminal tax investigation

When You Are Under Criminal Tax Investigation

Did you receive a notification from the IRS’ Criminal Investigations? The CI unit of the IRS is its law enforcement division. Its purpose is to investigate possible criminal tax violations. With approximately 3,500 employees worldwide, CI special agents most follow strict procedures before initiating an investigation and recommending prosecution. So if you are under investigation, there’s probably a good reason for it.

Now is the time to hire an experienced IRS tax lawyer who will protect you from any further investigations. Our Houston criminal tax investigation attorneys will work with the IRS to find out why you are being investigated and if there is a way settle the matter before it gets out of hand. If it goes to the courtroom, we will provide aggressive representation on your behalf. Contact Pro Tax Counsel now for a free consultation.

When You are a Target of an Investigation

The IRS would not be investigating you unless it had a good reason. Chances are a red flag had come up during an audit. By the time you are notified of the investigation,

the CID had already received your bank records and began looking back at your previous years’ tax returns. Agents will be speaking to your accountant who will be forced to tell them anything that you have shared with him/her. Criminal tax charges can lead to jail time, heavy fines along with penalties such as failing to file a tax return or hiding tax assets.

If an IRS agent tries to contact you, do not talk to them. Anything you say could be used against you later. Instead, contact 1-844-452-41-65 Pro Tax Counsel as soon as possible and we will protect your rights against the IRS.

Tax levies, liens, and seizures

The Tools the IRS Uses to Get Its Money

When you owe money to the IRS, it will try any means necessary to collect a debt. After slapping you with a bunch of penalties, if you still don’t make an arrangement to pay what you owe, the IRS will start using various tools to collect tax debt. These tools include using levies and liens on your property.

Although you might not think it, the IRS is legally able to seize your bank accounts and your property in order to pay the money you owe. It can take away your home, your car, and your bank accounts without the need of getting legal permission from the courts. If the IRS has used any of its tax collection tools on you, don’t ignore the problem. Instead, contact our Houston tax levies and liens attorneys at Pro Tax Counsel.

The Difference Between a Lien and a Levy

A tax lien is a lien the IRS uses on your property to secure a tax debt. In other words, the IRS will have a legal claim to your property,

which includes your home and your car, to use as payment or security for your debt. What happens is the lien will be put on your credit history, causing a serious blemish that will hurt your chances in securing any type of credit or loans.

Where a tax lien is a claim to your property, a tax levy will actually take your property away. This means that your bank accounts could now be in the possession of the IRS and it can empty out your life savings in order to pay the debt.

How to Prevent a Lien or a Levy

Before taking away your property, the IRS must notify you ahead of time. If you remain uncooperative or try to ignore the matter, expect this type of action to happen. But there are are ways to prevent liens and levies from happen. By hiring our experienced tax attorneys, we will be able to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to reach a compromise on your debt. We can help you arrange a reasonable payment plan or reach a settlement that you can work with.

If you are at risk of a tax lien or levy, don’t wait. Contact 1-844-452-41-65 our IRS tax attorneys today for a free consultation.

IRS Penalties Attorneys in Houston

Receiving Penalties for Unpaid Taxes

It’s that simple – you fail to pay your taxes, you’re going to be penalized. It’s the law. But what’s not easy to understand is the various penalties the IRS can impose on you. But with the help of the right tax attorney, some of these penalties can be lifted through compromise.

If you being penalized by the IRS for unpaid taxes, don’t ignore the issue. It’s just going to get worse. Instead, contact the Houston IRS penalties attorneys at Pro Tax Counsel today for a free consultation.

The Difficulty of Removing a Penalty

Penalties can be removed by the IRS but it has to be under certain guidelines. These guidelines are pretty strict, which is why it’s best to have an experienced tax attorney fighting for your behalf.

There are four categories that your claim must fall under in order to receive relief from penalties:

  • Reasonable cause – For instance, you were seriously ill and unable to file your taxes in time.
  • Statutory exceptions – An example of this is you were giving orders by the president to be shipped overseas to fight in the military.
  • Administrative waivers – This is usually by the IRS who decides to waive penalties for a certain policy.
  • Correction of IRS error – If the IRS made a mistake, then it will correct it by relieving you of the penalty.

If you received a penalty from the IRS and believe you have just cause to fight it, don’t do it alone. Instead, contact 1-844-452-41-65 the IRS penalties attorneys at Pro Tax Counsel today for a free consultation.